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Our taxi management app integrated with simple to more advanced features. The time-relevant design interfaces and wireframes have all been developed with in most of excellence. The cab management system will help you to track and modernize your ride.

Key Features

Improving the consistency and the usability that adds benefits to the user for an Taxi mobile application can make the business manageable.


Awesome Interface

The mix of clear and concise details are exposed with an attractive interface.


Free Updates

We give you free updates to your mobile apps that makes your app useful.


User Friendly

We made the mobile apps which is more user friendly and convenient to use.


Instant Support

Confusion can mislead you through problem, the apps instant support to you.


Connect with People

You can be connected with anyone through the app with your customer.


Skin Colors

Choose your favourite skin colors for your mobile apps to look impressive.



An mobile application’s main benefit is getting notified of updates at any time.



An user friendly mobile application is what more interactive and informative.

Taxi Dispatch Software for your Business

We provide everything you expect from a taxi dispatch app in compact software. Our solution is great enough to carry out your plans for success

Passenger App

Passenger app provides users with customize booking and travel experience.

  • You can get details about your past rides and rides can be cancelled in case of emergencies.
  • Passengers will get the driver details during their rides and rating can be assigned based on the service.
  • Promo code will be provided for the regular users and reward will be given for the reference.
  • Multi mode payments and multi languages are provided for better communication and interaction.
  • Ride scheduling is enabled in taxi booking application.

Driver App

Efficient ride handling using the driver app to make the ride booking as stress-free and easy.

  • Reviews and rating based on the service provided by the driver during the ride.
  • User-friendly operation by clicking single button to record the ride.
  • Live request from passengers for the ride to begin and navigation is available throughout the ride to ensure right path.
  • Live location status is given to safeguard from fraudulent moves and ride summary is available once the ride is complete for future reference.
  • Accept /decline button option is included to take or leave the ride while getting the request.

Admin web panel

  • Admin can fix the traffic details based on certain fixed factors and tracking passengers and drivers for safety purposes.
  • User-friendly way to interact dispatcher panel for smooth management.
  • Customer details are managed personally and manage drivers to ensure relaxed rides for passengers.
  • Customized reports for each user to understand the excellence.

Advanced Features

  • Tracking the driver for safety purposes on or off rides will be activated.
  • Quick process of communication between the driver and customer support with the multi mode communication.
  • SOS button will be given to passengers in case of emergencies.
  • Real time ETA can be added into your application to ensure quality and pooling facility.


We develop the user-friendly mobile applications,our output never disappointed the customers.Customers have no hesitation to contact us.

We value customer needs and work to strict deadlines to complete our work at the correct timing.

Passenger can track their location and route through GPS service.

If the driver does not accept the request, within few seconds passenger will be redirected to another nearest driver.

Passenger can call or send a message to the driver and OTP will be sent for a confirmation code to travel with their driver.

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App available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.

Also available on the Amazone App Store and Gallery App Store.