Tracking App Development

In the developing digital world, there are applications designed to keep better in every situation through mobile applications, we had a concept of giving the best android application for the current scenario which takes place in both the business world and also for the personal world. It is mainly useful in emergency situation i.e. it safeguards from unnecessary places. Designing is the process where the application can give you the pleasant feel and the design itself has its own concept.

With the support of our designing specialist we develop the best tracking app in an attractive and user friendly manner. Our long term of experience in mobile app development is a promise to deliver the standard products for our customers. The apps we designed for prestigious clients will show how good we are at doing our jobs. Above all, we love our job. So we use the best of our skills to ensure the quality.

Rexx Technologies’s Tracking Application

Rexx Technologies gives Tracking applications for different industries all over the world. Some of our Tracking app:

Feature Rich Tracking Applications

Our tracking applications will be effective and easy to mange. We include the best applications in the industry and standard to make the app perfect.


First Step

Registration may seem to be a very long process, but what we have is a much easier to manage after registration as it just takes a matter of seconds to create an account and to handle it.


Second Step

In a single interface you can track the user you want to know, you can identify who is active? This will help you to know user’s location in a simple way.


Third Step

Using this app you can check out the distance between you and the user. A simple touch makes you to track the location without any delay and confusions.


We develop the user-friendly mobile applications,our output never disappointed the customers.Customers have no hesitation to contact us.

We provide multi mode communication from which customers can contact us.

Yes, our team will help you with changes and technical updates as customer needs.

We provide secured service in tracking through GPS, one of the simplest ways to find the location.

24/7 tracking, secure data, and more features the customers required.